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A “Well” Workplace

Be the safe place . . .

Organizations should strive to become a safe place for employees to not only work, but feel free to think of new ideas and explore better ways of improving performance, customer and job satisfaction. There should be open communication channels for all levels and for all company related news, whether good or bad. The organizational work environment should have as a minimum the following attributes according to Teri Hockett, Chief Executive of “What’s For Work?:

  1. Mutual respect between the employer and employees

  2. Trust and goodwill

  3. Clear and consistent communication; No double-talk

A work environment that focuses on these three attributes have employees who are encouraged to provide constructive feedback to management and are respected for doing so. Why is this important? It keeps the company focused and on the right track.

Let’s briefly discuss four ways to improve and maintain a “Well” workplace:

Tell the truth. “If you start to think, ‘How can I spin this so…?’ or ‘People won’t want to hear this’ – stop!” Tony Robbins says. “Just tell the truth.” If the words “People don’t trust our management team” ever leave your lips, stop and rephrase it: “We haven’t been trustworthy.” “Go to your employees and ask, ‘What have we done to lose your trust?’ Then fire the people who engaged in those actions (or quit, if it was you) and continue.”

Build trust. If no one is speaking up or saying anything negative, it’s not because you’re doing a good job; it’s probably because they’re scared to speak up. “So start building one-on-one trust with people in the hopes of drawing them out.”

Include everyone. Make a point to include the entire company in the process of defining company values and what it means to be a part of the team, especially if it’s a new company. “If it’s an existing company, then revisit the values and celebrate examples on a regular basis. Make a point to live and breathe what the company stands for, and encourage others to do the same.”

Never, ever break a promise, even an “implied promise.” “If you do, you’ll immediately begin being perceived as inauthentic. And don’t use excuses “Take full responsibility for your actions and help those around you do the same.”

Finally, if an organization wants a “Well” workplace where employees are loyal, creative, motivated and constantly seeking opportunities to better support goals and objectives, leadership within the organization must take the first steps and lead the way.

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