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Feedback Please

Providing feedback is one the most challenging and avoided forms of communication.

Why? Because the giver has no control over the response of the receiver and there is almost always an assumption that the reaction to the information will be negative.  Although, feedback is the most dreaded type of discussions, it actually can be the most beneficial to both the giver and receiver because it provides information that can generate change in attitude, behavior and performance. 


Let’s discuss 10 steps that can aid in providing constructive feedback:


Step 1. Get to the Point or in other words, don’t beat around the bush!

·        The purpose of this meeting is …..

·        I asked you here to discuss ……

Step 2. Clearly state the reason for the conversation.

·        I have a concern about…..

·        A problem has occurred….

Step 3. Specifically describe what you know or saw 

·        I saw….

·        When I was told, I looked into the issue….

Step 4. Describe how you feel about what you know.

·        I am very concerned about….

·        I am upset that errors in the function keep occurring….

Step 5. Encourage the other party to give their side of the story.

·        Now, that’s what I know but what is your view….

·        Is that the way you saw it…..

Step 6. Ask questions to understand the other person’s perspective.

·        Well, how do you know that….

·        And then what happened…..

Step 7. Decide what specific actions must be done and when 

·        In the next meeting, you have agreed to ….

Step 8. Describe the consequences of the continued behavior.

·        If there is no observed improvement…..

Step 9. Summarize the conversation.

·        Let’s recap, you will….and I will….

Step 10. Follow up.


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