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Integrity – The Simple Truth

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

"Walk the Talk"

What is Integrity?

· The courage to state the truth regardless of the consequences

· Standing firm on what you know is right or wrong

· A personal code of conduct

What is a personal code of conduct?

It’s simply how one choses to live, act and treat others based on what they know to be truth. This is demonstrated in the workplace by:

· Standards of personal performance

· Treatment of others

· Responsibility and accountability for actions

Two examples to make the point a little clearer:

· You are assigned to work on a project and due to numerous interruptions, it’s taking twice as long to complete than agreed upon. Assuming those waiting on the finished project would understand, you don’t coordinate a revised completion date and you turn the project in a week late.

· You over hear people complaining that you never respond to phone call or e-mail messages or even let someone know you received them. Your though is that they should know how busy you are with putting out fires and dealing with unexpected situations.

Integrity in Practice

§ Be accountable and responsible

§ Stand on principles and do the right thing even in tough circumstances

§ Admit mistakes and resolve any resulting issues with those impacted

§ Keep promises and commitments

Benefits of Integrity

· No regrets

· Others are willing to follow

· Positive relationships

· Greater accomplishments

Integrity = Consistency - Actions, Values, Thoughts, and Emotions all line up

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