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Management - In The Work Place:

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

As a manager/supervisor, your impact on employee motivation is immeasurable. Your words, body language, and the expressions on your face visually display the value and trust you have in others. High morale and sustained motivation in the workplace is greatly determined by your actions towards employees and how they perceive those actions. The feeling of being valued ranks right there for most people with liking the work, competitive pay, opportunities for training and advancement, and feeling “in” on the latest information or activity.

But, what happens when you don’t have a supervisor that motivates you to do your best or perform with excellence? What if their body language and non-verbal expressions indicate that they don’t even like their job and are just in it for the money? How do you approach a manager that constantly makes you feel inadequate or devalued with each encounter? It’s apparent that working under these conditions would be challenging to say the least. It would cause one to regret accepting a position or start sending out resumes’ immediately. Even worse, the work environment is filled with negativity and uneasiness that no one can really explain.

Is this your place of work? Do you experience some of the same emotions? Or, are you a manager or supervisor that would like to improve your relationship with employees? Are you the CEO that’s been looking to something to improve your management team’s interpersonal skills? If so, click on the link and listen to a 30-min complimentary radio blog entitled, “Leadership – the Real Thing”. “The Real Thing” at

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If you want your people to experiment and expand their minds, set the example yourself

– Jack Welch –

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