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S.P.A.C.E. Social Intelligence:

The New Science of Human Relationships, Dr. Daniel Goleman

…The ability to get along well with others and to get them to cooperate with you

In the workplace, there are only two actions that distinguish those who are successful from those who are not:

· How we manage ourselves

· How we handle relationships


· Situational Awareness – having the ability to read situations, understand and choose behavioral strategies that are most likely to be successful.

o Can you understand and empathize with people in different situations?

o Can you sense the feelings and possible intentions of others?

· Presence - is how a person’s verbal and nonverbal behavior is defined in the minds of others.

o Are you approachable?

o Do you convey a sense of confidence, professionalism, kindness, and friendliness?

· Authenticity - is a way a person behaves that causes others to view them as honest, open, ethical, trustworthy, “real” and not “phony”.

o Are you true to yourself?

· Clarity - The ability to clearly express one’s self, use language effectively to explain ideas and concepts, and ultimately persuade others.

o Do you say what you mean and mean what you say?

o Do you speak to fast, too much, or not much at all?

o Do your voice pitch, rate, volume, and inflection inspire confidence or lack of respect?

o Do you listen attentively and skillfully to understand others’ point of view?

· Empathy - the ability to connect with others; to get them to willingly buy in and support ideas; invite them to move with and toward you rather than away and against you.

o Are you able to tune in to other people as unique individuals?

o Do you show that you’re willing to accept them as they are?

“Once we move outside the bounds of our selfish preoccupation with our own needs and priorities, we can better understand how to get what we want by ensuring that others get what they want.” Author Unknown

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