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What’s the Main Thing?

Has your supervisor or manager ever discussed the main objective for what you do? Do you have a clear understanding of your organization’s purpose? As the supervisor, manager or CEO, do you take for granted that all your employees are on board with the vision and goals of your organization? If time was actually taken to ask individual employees these questions, the responses would probably be all over the chart.

Successful organizations understand that employees must know and understand why they do what they do. They must be able to easily articulate the purpose and goals of the organization with co-workers as well as customers they serve. Why, because knowing what the main thing is, keeps everyone focused on what is important.

Let’s briefly discuss three main things that organizations should focus on to be successful:

1. Provide employees the tools necessary to be successful in what they are responsible for accomplishing. One of the worse things management can do to discourage employees is to assign them a task or responsibility without providing the necessary resources; whether it be materials, equipment or information.

2. Ensure excellent service is provided to both internal and external customers. Service provided to internal customers such as the secretary, janitor or operational employees is just as important as providing timely and quality service to those purchasing services or products. If taking care of the internal customer is a company priority, taking care of external customers will be the employees’ priority.

3. Focus on the bottom line or profits. There are many ways to get things accomplished, however, management in many cases, spend too much energy on processes that cost the company unnecessary resources. While it’s good to streamline processes for a more efficient workflow and less waste, there must still be a balance to ensure overall profits are not diminished. The key is to know what you want to accomplish and then come up with a realistic plan to get there.

Here are a few questions to think about:

  • Do your employees understand the main purpose of what they do?

  • How well do you treat your internal customers?

  • Are you looking for help in streamlining processes within your organization?

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